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As an authorized PennDot Online Messenger, we are able to process and issue instant registration renewals, title transfers, and initial registrations. Bev's Auto Tags is your one-stop-shop to securing your driving privileges. From automobile insurance to ownership transfers, we are here to provide you with optimal service for all of your motor vehicle needs. 

We are able to renew your non-commercial driver's license or state ID instantly, so you will walk out of the office with your camera card in hand. If you require any additional information on any of our services, please do not hesitate to call our office to speak directly to an associate. State and Service Fees Apply. 

For further information regarding Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services, please visit www.dmv.state.pa.us.

Registration Renewals

Renew your car, truckk, motorcycle, or trailer registration through our instant online system. Here at Bev's Auto Tags we are able to issue registration renewals on-the-spot, so you will leave our office with your renewed registration card and sticker in hand!

Please see the Motor Vehicle Schedule of Fees.

   What to Bring:

     1). Current Insurance ID Card for the Vehicle

     2). Valid Pennsylvania Driver's License 
           (Registered owner must be present unless a PennDot
            Request for Registration
 form is signed by the owner.) 

  3). Vehicle Information (VIN, Plate Number, Title Number)

Title Transfers

Buying or Selling? Bev's Auto Tags makes transferring the ownership of a vehicle quick and easy for both the buyer and the seller. New Registrations can be issued instantly, and buyers receive their new titles in 7-10 business days! Our experienced staff will make certain that your title transfer is processed accurately and efficiently to secure the interests of both parties involved. 

Don't forget your bill of sale! Here at the office we provide a complimentary detailed bill of sale for each buyer and seller to complete at the time of the transfer to keep for their personal records. Bev's is the one-stop-shop for car buyers everywhere, providing automobile insurance, title transfers, and instant registrations all under one roof. 

   What to Bring (Transfer of Pennsylvania Title):
          Seller Requirements:

             1). Acceptable Identification: Valid Driver's License, State 
                  ID, Military ID, or US Passport

             2). Accurate Odometer Reading

             3). Pennsylvania Title

          Buyer Requirements:

             1). Acceptable Identification: Valid Pennsylvania Driver's 
                  License, Valid Pennsylvania State ID Card, or a Valid 
                  Military ID

             2). If registration with a new plate is required, the buyer 
                  must provide an acceptable proof of insurance 

             3). If registration with a transferred plate is required, the 
                  buyer must provide an acceptable proof of insurance 
                  document* as well as the plate number 
                  being transferred

   *An acceptable proof of insurance document must be one of the 
     following in the name of the individual seeking registration: 
     Current Insurance ID Card, Current Policy Declaration Page, 
     or a Valid Binder of Insurance Page. 

   Buying a Vehicle with an Out-of-State Title

      1). Out-of-State Title

          - Title must be signed in the designated "Seller Signature" 

          - Notarization may be required on some out-of-state titles 

          - Odometer Reading at the time of purchase is required

      2). Acceptable Buyer Identification

Valid Pennsylvania Driver's License/State ID

         - Valid Military ID

     3). Acceptable Proof of Insurance (If Registering)

     4). VIN Verification
   The following are acceptable methods of VIN Verification 
           in the State of Pennsylvania:

          1). Bring the Vehicle to Bev's Auto Tags so an Associate 
               May Verify the VIN

          2). Legible Pencil Tracing of the VIN Plate

          3). A Completed MV-41 in which the VIN was Verified by 
               a Police Officer or a Licensed Inspection Mechanic



Did you misplace your vehicle title or registration card? Come in to Bev's Auto Tags to apply for a duplicate title and you will receive your replacement in the mail within 3-5 business days. Replacement registration cards, registration stickers, and license plates are issued on-the-spot. 
   What to Bring:

          Duplicate Title

             1). The titled owner(s) must be present with his/her 
                  driver's license, in order for the application to be 
                  notarized. (If two individuals are on the title, they both 
                  need to be present)

             2). Vehicle Information (VIN, Plate Number, Title 

          Replacement Registration Card, Sticker or License Plate

             1). Registered owner must be present with his/her driver's 

             2). Vehicle Information (Vin, Plate Number, Title 

Instant Driver's License/State ID Renewals

If your Pennsylvania Driver's License or State Identification Card needs to be renewed, we can renew you instantly and issue you a Camera Card. PennDot requires that you have your photo taken at a PennDot Photo Center, where your new License or ID card will be issued. This camera card is valid for sixty (60) days from the date of issue. 

Please see the Driver's Licensing Schedule of Fees.

   What to Bring

      1). Your Pennsylvania Driver's License or Pennsylvania State 

Duplicate Non-Commercial Driver's License

In order to replace a lost, stolen or destroyed driver's license, you may apply for a duplicate in our office. We are able to issue you an intermin driver's license which is valid for fifteen (15) days to serve as a valid product while PennDot mails you a duplicate. 

If your picture is on file with PennDot, you will be issued a duplicate Photo License Card with your most current photo. If your picture is not on file, PennDot will issue you a camera card, in which you will be required to take to a PennDot Photo Center to have a new picture taken.

   What to Bring:

      1). Two government issued forms of Identification (Social 
           Security Card, Birth Certificate, Military ID, US Passport, 

Additional Services

Bev's Auto Tags offers several online and messenger based services to serve all of your motor vehicle needs. Please call our office for additional information you might require. The following are some of the different services we provide: 

   Motor Vehicle Services

  • Change of Address on your Registration Card
  • Change of Name on your Registration Card
  • Vehicle Registration Restorations
  • Antique/Classic/Collectible Plates
  • Intransit Plates/Non-Resident Plates
  • 10.00 Renewal Registration for Retired Persons
  • Special Fund Plates
  • Apportion Tags
  • Boat Registration
  • ATV Registration
  • Snowmobile Registration
  • Suspensions Restorations
  • Vehicle Records

   Driver's License Services

  • Driver's License Renewals
  • Change of Address
  • Change of Name
  • Duplicate Driver's License or State ID
  • PA ID Renewals
  • Driver's License Restorations
  • Restoration Letters
  • Driver's License Abstracts (Basic, 3 year, 10 year)
  • CDL Renewals
  • CDL Change of Address (Messenger Service)
  • Drop your CDL
  • Add/Extend Learner's Permit
  • Apply for CDL Permit   

   Other Services

  • Faxes 
  • Copies
  • Wide variety of Novelty Plates & Frames
  • Boat Transfers
  • Boat Renewals
  • Snowmobiles
  • ATV

State & Service Fees Apply

If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us and we would like to hear from you.

Phone: 610 868 1130
Fax: 610 868 8800

Please visit www.dmv.state.pa.us for more information on Pennsylvania driver and vehicle services.
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